Deep in the boreal Alaska wilderness grows an ancient medicine: Chaga. A rare fungus containing some of the worlds highest known antioxidant values, Chaga has been used for millenia to purify the body, restore the spirit and energize the mind.
60° Coffee sustainably harvests old-growth Chaga from the virgin Alaskan Birch forest, then uses a proprietary method to extract the maximum amount of phyto-nutrients and antioxidants.

Our Chaga concentrate is blended with our hand selected, shade grown, bird friendly, single source El Salvadoran coffee, Colombian cacao, or hand picked Sri Lankan tea. It is then brewed with the pristine waters of the Taku River and served fresh in the salty air of Juneau's harborside.
Its an intensive process, but the end result is simple: an intoxicatingly-balanced cup of warm, energizing goodness that will transform your morning into a lifelong obsession.

60° Coffee and Tea Company is the pioneer of serving delicious and healthy drinks. We are located in Juneau, Alaska. Our goal is to craft the best drinks available. We researched, considered, and tested the best coffee, tea, and chocolate with our proprietary blend of Alaskan chaga to give you a delicious and nutritious antioxidant drink. Come experience our drinks, leave revitalized, relaxed and energized.

Alaskan chaga is our main ingredient. It is hailed to be the King of Herbs for its high antioxidant value. Our chaga comes only from Alaska where we found the perfect location, vintage, and altitude for harvest. It is so rare that it only grows on 3 of 10,000 Birch Trees. We developed a proprietary process to break down the chiton wall and release more antioxidants than any method of extraction on the market

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We sourced the best coffee, tea, and cacao to pair with our Alaskan chaga.


Our coffee comes from a single farm in Balsamo, El Salvador.

We had our coffee blended specifically to compliment our chaga.


The best tea specialist in the United States provides us tea that tastes good with chaga but also compliments its nutritional value.


Our chocolate drink is rich, decadent, and uses cacao from Columbia that won The Best 2016 Award for Best Cacao in the World.



Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) is a mushroom that only grows above the 60°n Latitude on birch trees. It is hailed to be the king of herbs due to its high antioxidant properties. Well developed chaga is only found on birch trees older than 40 years and grows in all shapes and sizes on the outside of birch trees. You can typically see it in the form of a dome, cone, or horn with crusty ridges.

The main benefits of consuming chaga as part of your daily routine includes support for the immune system, soothing properties, gastrointestinal health, antimicrobial properties, normalizing blood pressure and cholesterol, DNA damage protection, and antiviral properties.

60°n Coffee only uses chaga with the highest amount of antioxidant properties. These properties include:

1. Polysaccharides

2. Beta-D-Glucans

3. Phytosterols

4. Betulin and Betulinic Acid (Triterpenes)

5. Antioxidants

6. SODs (Super Oxide Dismutase)



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